Partners in the Participant Engagement Initiative met yesterday for the official kick-off meeting. The partners confirmed their intention to make this an action- and results-based initiative by setting ambitious goals for the program:


The partners have set the following ambitious goals for this year:

  1. To start collecting and disseminating UX metrics in March
  2. To create and disseminate a Best Practice Handbook in October

UX Metrics

Through their ability to demonstrate the impact of a good (and bad) experience, solid metrics are the key to changing behaviour and improving the participant experience. We will be focusing on two key metrics:

  1. The rating the participant gives to the experience of participating in a research project
  2. The impact participating in a research project has on the participant’s perception of the brand/brands the research concerns

The metrics will be used for two purposes:

  1. To provide examples for the best (and worst) practice handbook
  2. To enable partners to gain a better understanding of what is driving a great (or bad) experience and to use this knowledge to change their behaviour and the behaviour of their clients

In particular, we believe that the fact that partners will be able to engage their clients on how to create a positive, and avoid a negative, brand impact, will enable a constructive dialogue around participant engagement between all stakeholders.

Best (and worst case) handbook

The objective is to provide agency-side researchers, as well as client-side researchers and users of research, with a practical handbook containing examples best (and poor) practices relating to the research participant experience.

The examples will be based on existing research-on-research conducted by GRBN and our partners, as well as on the metrics partners are collecting, and we will supplement this where necessary with new research-on-research projects.

Great workgroups in place

The partners showed their commitment to the initiative by signing up to the different workgroups, which will be responsible for achieving the goals.

We are deliberating keeping the data collector/research agency/client workgroups separate to start with, so that each may focus on what they, specifically, can do to improve participant engagement. As we advance, we will cross-pollinate the workgroups and focus on how the ways of working together can further improve the user experience.

We are very pleased to have Peter Milla on-board, representing the Insights Association’s Online Sample Forum, which will ensure there is maximum synergy between the two initiatives.

To start with the following three workgroups have been set up:

  1. Data collector partners’ research specialists
    1. Online quantitative research
      1. Armen Adjemian, Active Measure
      2. Jeff McKenna, Critical Mix
      3. Adriana Rocha, EC Global Solutions
      4. Lisa Wilding-Brown, Innovate
      5. Bruno Paro, Netquest
      6. Peter Milla, Online Sample Forum
      7. Janna de Bruijne, P2Sample
      8. Michael McCrary, Pure Spectrum
      9. Roddy Knowles, Research Now
      10. Jackie Lorch, SSI
    2. Online qualitative research and online communities
      1. Adriana Rocha, EC Global Solutions
      2. Kerry Hecht, Recollective
      3. Peter Harris, Vision Critical
  2. Research agencies’ research specialists
    1. Ryan Baum, FocusVision
    2. Richard Goosey, Kantar Health
    3. Bob Graff, MarketVision
    4. Catherine Rickwood, Mesh Experience
    5. David Rothstein, RTI Research
    6. Cyrus McCandless, Sentient Decision Science

As we move forward we will be putting an end-client workgroup together, as well as a marcoms workgroup to ensure that we get our messages across as effectively as possible.

Welcome on-board

No matter whether you are a data collector, a research agency or an end-client, we want to partner with you. There are many options to get involved and we hope as many companies as possible will partner on the use of the metrics, so that we may achieve a maximum amount of change in a short as possible time-frame.

Now is the time for us all to act to drive up participation rates by improving participant engagement, so please join us!

To get involved, please drop us a line.

To find out more about the partner opportunites. read here.