The GRBN Participant Engagement Initiative aims to increase participation in research by increasing participant engagement and improving the user experience people get when participating in all types of research. You can read more about why we have launched the initiative here.

Although we already have some great companies on-board the initiative, we want more to join us.

For this initiative to be truly successful, we need the active involvement of everyone with a stake in the game and therefore we are looking for three different types of stakeholders to join us:

  1. Data collectors
    1. Companies on the front-line engaging participants
  2. Research agencies
    1. Companies making proposals, planning projects, analysing data and delivering insights
  3. End clients
    1. Companies relying on our data and insights to make informed decisions

Each stakeholder has a critical role to play in ensuring that the initiative is successful in driving behavioural change across the sector.

Partnership options

There are a number of ways for companies to get involved:

  1. Metrics partners
    1. Collect and use the user experience and brand impact metrics
  2. Workgroup partners
    1. Provide input and work on the Participant Engagement handbook
  3. Research-on-research partners
    1. GRBN will continue to do research on this topic and seeks partners to work with

To those companies interested in growing their reputation as a company which cares about participant engagement and understands its importance in delivering value to clients, the initiative also offer attractive sponsorship packages.

Call for Action

You can read more about the different ways of participating in the call-for-partners documents below:

We believe that the future success of our industry very much depends on our ability to engage people in participating in research. If you share our passion drop us a line and get involved. We’d love to hear from you.


  1. As a lifetime, political scientist and survey researcher, I applaud this effort by GRBN. In fact, our ability to conduct survey research in the future may well depend on the success of this effort.

  2. Thanks Nicholas for your comment and for your support for this initiative. We share your view… this effort is indeed critical for the future of our sector, but will only succeed with a deep and wide buy-in from all stakeholders, which we intend to get one way or the other!