Do you believe, like us, that we need to improve the research participant user experience?

If so, or even if you are unsure, please download the special report through the link at the end of this document and get concrete advice on what you can do TODAY to improve the user experience.

In particular, we encourage people working in on the client-side and research agencies to take the time to read the report, since we believe participant engagement is critical to your future, even if it is not necessarily something that occupies your mind day-in-day-out, and many of the things that need to change need to happen agency and client-side, as well as “on the front line”.

Download the report

After you click “submit” the page will refresh and you can click on the button to download the report. Thank you.

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  1. […] Our research tells us that many people participate in research out of a desire, not just to share their opinions, but to actually influence things, for example by being part of the process to create new products and services. Participating in research can also make people feel closer to the brands and companies they feel affinity to, which is particularly relevant to participants in both Brazil and China. […]