GRBN is proud to announce that the four regional federations have all endorsed the GRBN Building Public Trust Charter.

The Charter is a commitment for the industry to strength the trust the general public has in what we do and in the companies, that do it. The charter specifies the three goals of the Building Public Trust programme, where are combined will enable our sector to building a stronger trust relationship with the general public. These are:

      1. Communicate the value of research to consumers and citizens
      2. Increase transparency in research and insight activities
      3. Improve the research participant experience

Building public trust is vital if we are to increase participation rates, which in turn is vital if we are to meet customer needs and deliver both better data and better insights, more quickly and more cost-effectively.

As a next step, we are calling on associations, research agencies and end-clients to also endorse the charter and show their commitment to improving participant engagement and building trust.



GRBN has already taken the first steps towards increasing participation rates by launching the global sector-wide Participant Engagement Initiative. We already have 17 great companies on-board the initiative, but encourage any company, which cares about increasing participation rates, to join the initiative, so if you represent such a company, we would love to hear from you. If you are quick, you can take part in the kick-off meeting, which will take place on the 13th February.

You can read more about the Participant Engagement Initiative here and find out the different ways to get involved here.