We are very proud to welcome Netquest as our 5th Silver Partner, joining Critical Mix, Kantar Health, MarketVision and RTI Research as Silver Partners in the GRBN Participant Engagement initiative, and are thankful for their support as well as that of Vision Critical, the Premier Partner on the project.

We are also very excited to welcome Big Sofa, Environics, KNow Research and Mindspark Research International as partners on the initiative, taking the total number of partners to 22. Read more to see who else is already on-board, to find out what’s going on and to get involved:


Join A Workgroup

Four workgroups have been put in place in order to drive the initiative forward:

  1. Online Quantitative data collectors
  2. Online Qualitative & Communities
  3. Research Agencies
  4. Marcoms

If you would like to join a workgroup, please get in touch.

Take part in Research-on-Research

The workgroups are currently planning the research-on-research we need to conduct in order to build on the existing knowledge we have on participant engagement and the user experience.

This combined knowledge will then be used to create the best (and worst) practice handbook to be issued in the fall.

If you would like to take part in research-on-research, please get in touch.

Deploy the UX Metrics

The research agency partners, together with their clients and data collector partners, are starting to deploy the agreed UX metrics in order to measure both the experience people have when participating in their research projects and the impact that experience is having on end-clients.

The partners will evaluate the drivers behind the ratings and use this knowledge to create even better user experiences, internally as well as in co-operation with suppliers, partners and clients.

If you would like to deploy the UX metrics in your own business, please get in touch.

Support the Initiative

The initiative would not go ahead without the generous support of our partners, which enables GRBN to dedicate resources to implementing this project. In particular, we would like to thank our Premier partner, Vision Critical, and our Silver partners, Critical Mix, Kantar Health, MarketVision, Netquest and RTI Research for their support.


There are many ways to get involved, so if you share our belief that participant engagement is a critical issue to the success of our sector, then get in touch to discuss how to become a partner.