Diane_BowersIn February 2018 Diane Bowers announced that she was stepping down as Chair of the Global Research Business Network (GRBN) Executive Management Board.  Diane is a founding member of GRBN, and a long-term champion of global research associations working together to promote the research and insights industry; an industry for which she has been a fearless advocate.

For the past 38 years Diane has been a global leader in the research industry. Her passion and commitment for her role as President of the Council of American Survey Research Organisations (CASRO) spread globally through her guideline development work on the ESOMAR Professional Standards Committee from 1996-2012; in establishing the Americas Research Industry Alliance (ARIA) that saw ten research associations from the Americas join forces to share knowledge and to promote research and insights throughout the region; her work on the global ISO committee to develop standards ISO 20252 and ISO26362; and her founding role in setting up and establishing the GRBN in 2012, a network that now connects 45 research associations from four regional federations – the Americas (ARIA),  Asia Pacific (APRC), Europe (EFAMRO), and Africa (AMRA). Diane has positively impacted the lives of many people in associations around the world. Her work has indeed been global.

When we first discussed the creation of the GRBN it was Diane who ensured that we maintained the momentum to go beyond words into action.  Her enthusiasm has never diminished, and the current success of GRBN is a testament to all the effort and time that has Diane contributed since the Network was launched in 2012.

For this reason and in recognition of her role in forming the Global Research Business Network I am delighted to advise that she has been appointed an Honorary Patron of GRBN.

Diane has worked collaboratively with many over the years and you can read what her associates, colleagues and other research leaders have to say about her incredible contribution to the research and insights global industry below.

As we enter this new phase for GRBN it is reassuring to know that the Insights Association has committed to continuing its support GRBN. The mantle within the Insights Association has been handed to Kevin Menk, the Chair of their Global Engagement Committee, who has an excellent understanding of the origins of GRBN and why the network is necessary for the industry.  Moving forward, David Almy, the CEO of the Insights Association, will also be actively involved in GRBN and ARIA, managing the corporate responsibilities and operations, as both ARIA and GRBN are U.S. non-profit entities. We welcome Kevin to the GRBN leadership team.

On a personal level I would like to thank Diane for her wisdom, support and her establishment of CIRQ that has provided Australian market and social research organisations with cost effective auditing services. I am pleased to note that while Diane is stepping down from the Executive Management Board, she has offered to continue volunteering her time for the GRBN, an organisation for which she has an enduring passion and will continue to be supportive of GRBN as a member of the Insight Association’s Global Engagement Committee.  We wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

Elissa Molloy, Incoming GRBN Chair




Debrah Harding, Managing Director MRS UK

Debrah_HardingWhen I joined MRS, Diane was leading CASRO and was acknowledged as one of the most prominent and influential association leaders, renowned for her perspicacity, tenacity and persuasion.  Over the years I have got to know Diane and have become familiar with these characteristics but also others; Diane’s loyalty, integrity and wonderful sense of humour. 

Working with Diane, creating and establishing GRBN, has been a real privilege.  Diane’s drive, enthusiasm and unflagging commitment to the Network created the kind of momentum that was needed to ensure the GRBN survived those initial years enabling it to flourish into the successful thought-leadership Network that is now addressing the big issues facing the sector. 

Diane’s legacy – be it GRBN, ARIA, CASRO or the Insights Association – means that the sector is in much better shape as a result of her contribution, the impact of which will continue long after her retirement.


Alex Garnica, Executive Director ARIA

The invaluable contribution of Diane Bowers has benefited hundreds of industry professionals in dozens of countries around the world; perhaps without even knowing her name, many enjoy now the fruits of Diane’s years of work in favor of building a better professional community in her country, in the Americas and throughout the planet.

Always tireless, with firm will and gentle treatment, Diane has had the virtue of combining ideas, projects and key people in the interest of building powerful institutions to nourish and strengthen our activity, as well as to preserve it over several generations.

And if that were not enough, those of us who know her personally, can tell that this great professional capacity is complemented by an empathetic and affectionate person, to whom it is and always will be exciting to find somewhere in the world.


Andrew Cannon, GRBN Executive Director 

Andrew_CannonWithout Diane’s vision and commitment to the development of the global research industry, GRBN would not have been created. Without Diane’s passion for GRBN, and her hard work as GRBN Chair, GRBN would not be where it is today, activity supporting national associations, issuing guidelines in co-operation with ESOMAR, and spearheading initiatives, such as the Participant Engagement and ROI of Insights initiatives. I am also personally indebted to Diane for the incredible guidance and support she has given me over the years, and the wisdom she has shared with me.


Kevin Menk, Insights Association, Global Engagement Committee Chair

As I read Diane’s note of departure, I was reminded that without Diane’s undying commitment to advancing the business of research on a global stage, there would be no GRBN.  Diane recognized the interest in and need for a global platform of national and regional associations and alliances—a collaboration that would make us all stronger and more effective advocates for our individual members.  She tirelessly pursued the development of both ARIA and GRBN. For that we will always be indebted to Diane.  No one can effectively replace her, but I am honored to fill her position on the EMB and am reassured that, due to our friendship, I can contact her at any time for guidance and support.


Peter Harris, APRC Vice-President

Peter_HarrisWhen MR is applied in ways that can practically benefit a company’s or governments core metrics, its value is priceless and when it’s done right, people, governments and business are both protected and are more engaged. This is what I learnt from collaborating and learning from the Global leadership demonstrated by Diane Bowers.  On top of this, Diane is a warm, respectful and fun person who I enjoyed very much working alongside.  Congratulations and thank you for an amazing contribution on the global stage Diane, it goes without saying that GRBN would not be where it is today without your driving support, hard work, guidance and passion for local, regional and global associations.  Thank you and I look forward to the next time we run into each other somewhere in the world.