The Market Research Society (MRS) has developed a specialist Mentoring Scheme as a new exclusive benefit for its individual members.  Created for the research and insight sector, the scheme enables MRS members to help each other to develop and think through strategic decisions as well as manage day-to-day work challenges more effectively.

Training resources, such as those found in GRBN Learning Centre, are ideal for developing knowledge and skills.  However mentoring is more about developing wisdom; accessing and sharing the experience of someone else to become personally more effective.  Mentoring can operate across various levels such as peer mentoring, career mentoring and life mentoring.  The focus of the MRS scheme is peer and career, although elements of life planning can also come into play.

Many practitioners enjoy working with mentors at particularly points in the career when new challenges arise such as managing changing work circumstances, promotions, etc. but it can also be beneficial to invigorate careers, or balance the pressures of working life with home life.

MRS launched a pilot scheme in 2016 with 10 mentors (derived from MRS’ senior grades of membership of Fellow and Certified Member) and 20 mentees from across its membership.  Following this successful pilot, the scheme has been opened up to the entire MRS membership and MRS now offers two mentoring intakes per year.  MRS has a matching service to ensure mentees are connected to the right mentor. Places are allocated on the basis of location, match and mentoring needs and ambitions, as well as availability. The member response to the mentoring – both in terms of those volunteering to be mentors as well as mentees – has been fantastic with supply and demand far exceeding all expectations.

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Debrah Harding, Managing Director, MRS