Measuring the ROI of Insights is a key characteristics of an Insights department which is perceived as a strategic partner within their organization and is key to Insights getting a seat at the table. However, according to the BCG, Yale CCI and Cambiar 2015 Consumer Insights Benchmarking Study, only a third of Insights teams are actually measuring their ROI.

BCG / GRBN ROI of Insights Report

The report presents the key findings from the recently conducted research undertaken by the Boston Consulting Group and GRBN on the ROI of Insights.

The report describes the state of ROI measurement in organizations today and drills down to look at measurement across business decision areas.  The report explores the benefits of and the barriers to ROI measurement, and looks at the role agencies have in setting clients up for success.

ROI of Insight Report - BCG - GRBN - cover2

GRBN ROI of Insights Handbook

The GRBN ROI of Insights Handbook builds on the knowledge presented in the BCG / GRBN ROI of Insights report and provides Insights teams with a framework for measuring their ROI and undertaking an audit of their own business impact.

The handbook is a valuable tool for Insights teams looking to not only defend, but to actually increase their budgets in order to meet the growing demands placed upon them to support customer-centric decision-making in their organizations.

The handbook was released on the 29th January.

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