In the highlights for this quarter our focus is very much on trust and participant engagement. We have some fantastic thought-pieces from expert contributors and also have an update on ISO 20252, as well as the first reviews on the Learning Center. Enjoy!

PEI – Gathering Speed – More than 30 partners now on-board

We are happy to announce that 7 new partners have come on-board the Participant Engagement Initiative, and we are very excited about kicking off the research-on-research projects into the user experience with both online surveys and with qualitative research. In addition… Read More

Why customer experience matters in market research

By Catherine Rogers, Vision Critical

Advances in technology are radically altering customer expectations, and decision makers at the highest levels are struggling to keep up, let alone make genuinely customer-led decisions. This phenomenon has created an extraordinary opportunity for researchers…  Read more


Thoughts on the Falling Cost of Market Research Data

By Jeff McKenna, Critical Mix

“A question: How valuable is data to you? How precious is “good quality” data? I know the questions are a bit nonsense. Of course, market researchers find data to be highly valuable and precious…” Read more


Behavioral Data Collection – Engaging Participants

By Bruno Paro, Netquest

“Never before in history have researchers had so much data available to give them insight about their clients. Recently, new behavioral data collection techniques have emerged, especially in the digital field(work). It’s now possible to track (and gather data on) most (if not all) of an individual’s digital activity…” Read more

Market Segmentation in Healthcare Starts within an Organization

By Richard Goosey, Kantar Health

“Market segmentation in healthcare has become a critical component for successfully commercializing healthcare products. Kantar Health has found that segmentation starts within and needs to resonate with every stakeholder that touches the brand…” Read More

ReviewGRBN Learning Center – First reviews published

We believe that the GRBN Learning Center provides access to high quality training and self-development opportunities, so we asked some of your peers around the globe to try out some of the content and tell us what they think…  Read more

AMAI and SAMRA: The Latest Associations to Endorse the Building Public Trust Charter

AMAI (Mexico) and SAMRA (South Africa) are the fifth and sixth national associations to endorse the charter, demonstrating their strong commitment to building trust in our industry across the globe… Read More


Revving up to Revising ISO 20252 

Over three days in April, research experts and standards experts representing many countries, standards industry bodies, and research associations participated in a Working Group session to update and re-shape the main ISO standard for market, opinion and social research, ISO 20252… Read More