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Global Insights – 2017 51


Welcome to the final GRBN newsletter for 2017! It is hard to believe that 11 months have flown by since the first one was issued. We have had great fun producing the newsletters and hope you’ve found the content to be both interesting and inspirational.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed articles to the newsletters, as well as our financial partners, without whom none of this would be possible.

I  wish you every success for 2018!


Andrew Cannon, Executive Director, GRBN

The Key Barriers to ROI Measurement

The recent BCG-GRBN research indicates that there are a number of barriers to be overcome if an Insights team is going to succeed with the measurement of their ROI and the impact they are having on the business… Read more

Hot Tip: Keep it relevant

Participants need to feel that their participation in research
is meaningful. One way to do this is to deliberately include
sections in the research that are relevant to the participants
themselves. Try to find themes that are relevant to both the
participant and the client, and build interesting questions
and other engaging activities into your research… Read this and 100 other expert tips on Participant Engagement



Feel More, Click More. Driving Profitable Growth from Digital Advertising

By Jocelyn Simon, System1 Research

“Digital short-termism is on the rise, but marketers need to remember that digital advertising can drive short AND long-term impact, all while improving the viewer experience…” Read More



How to stay relevant & NOT alienate people: Benefits and challenges of passive metering and surveys

By Simon van Duivenvoorde, Wakoopa

Recorded webinar – Re-imagining research: 10 golden tips for the modern researcher

70 percent of people have had a bad research experience recently, which is negatively impacting data quality and clients’ brands. Recently Andrew Cannon, GRBN, and Peter Harris, Vision Critical gave a joint webinar on how to boost engagement and deliver superior participant experiences. In case you missed it, you can access a recording from here and discover how top researchers from Google, Twitter and LinkedIn are reimagining their roles to drive smarter research and improve customer relationships.