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People who participate in research deserve our respect. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to access ENGAGE, our Participant Engagement Handbook, which contains 101 expert tips on how to improve the research participant user experience. If you have already access the handbook yourself, how about sharing a little love for research participants by sharing the link? Access the Handbook


Hot Tip: Eat Your Own Dog Food

Test your own survey, then test it again. Have co-workers test it. Have your client test it. Have your parents, your son, and your best friend test it. Have your barista test it… Read More


ROI of Insights Report Available 20th November

Measuring the business impact of Insights is key to the Insights function achieving a seat at the table. This report presents the key findings from the research recently conducted by Boston Consulting Group in partnership with GRBN… Read More


Avoid These Common Pitfalls that Put Your ROI of Insights at Risk

By Alexander Skorka, Dapresy

“Companies nowadays have unlimited access to an ever-increasing amount of data sources, making it easier and faster for managers to base their business decisions on facts. However, this vast array of available data also poses some challenges. …” Read More


Rising To The Challenge Of Industry Reform In South Africa

By By Monique Schehle & Pieter J. Rossouw, MMI Holdings

“Building on the first two articles in this series, the present article summarises three specific challenges which call for reform within the Market Research industry in South Africa. These are: a significant lack of appropriate insights skills, the absence of suitable frameworks…” Read More


Can Chairs Talk: Image Mining & Text Analytics For Strategic Planning

By Preriit Souda, Kantar TNS UK

“In today’s connected world, much of how we communicate is visual. From emojis to selfies, images are everywhere and have become part of the modern lexicon – especially on social media. Yet to date, most social media analysis has been purely based on the written word – not on images. Imagine the power of being able to analyse brand and product imagery on social media….” Read More

‘ere – gizza freebie guv’nor?

Jonathan Dodd muses on how many business people think that research companies have libraries of free research for the taking, or old research they can give away… Read more

Live webinar – Re-imagining research: 10 golden tips for the modern researcher

70 percent of people have had a bad research experience recently, which is negatively impacting data quality and clients’ brands. In order to survive and thrive, market researchers and insight professionals need to recalibrate their understanding of the research participant user experience. Join us on Tuesday, November 28th for a joint GRBN – Vision Critical webinar and learn how to boost engagement and deliver superior participant experiences. Discover how top researchers from Google, Twitter and LinkedIn are reimagining their roles to drive smarter research and improve customer relationships. Register now for the webinar Re-imagining research: 10 golden tips for the modern researcher

MRSM Annual Conference 2017 and 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Every year, MRSM organizes a market research conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and this year is special as we would be commemorating 10 years of MRSM… Read more

MRS Webinar Mini Series – Neuroscience: Going Deeper For Deeper Insights

GRBN has teamed up with MRS and some great contributors to create a series of 3 mini-webinars focused on neuroscience. We are excited to have John Bishop from System1, Cristina de Balanzó from Walnut Unlimited and Thomas Ramsøy from Neurons Inc share their expertise. Find out more about each webinar and sign up here