Welcome to the first edition of Global Insights; powered by GRBN News

grbnnews.com has been up and running for 6 months now and during this period 18 newsletters and well over 100 articles have been issued. Whilst feedback on the news site has been very positive, the GRBN Board has decided that it is time to take the site to the next level. As a first step, co-operation will be increased with GRBN’s national association members, so that those associations wishing to do so are able to issue this Global Insights newsletter with their own branding, and also add their own local content.

AMAI, AMSRS, Insights Association and SAMRA are the first associations to decide to do so, and we look forward to more associations taking advantage of this opportunity over the months to come.

Diving Deep into the Qualitative Research Experience

We are thrilled to announced that research-on-research into the participants’ experience with qualitative research is now underway. Whilst a vast amount of research has been conducted into the online survey experience, relatively little has been conducted into people’s experience with participating in qualitative research… See who’s involved and find out more here

A/B Testing the Online Survey Experience

Together with our partners, we are currently undertaking a large-scale research-on-research project into the participant’s experience with online surveys in order to A/B test how different approaches can improve the user experience in practice…. See who’s involved and find out more here

Collaboration in a Complex Environment

By Matt Balogh, McNair yellowSquares

“Working with culturally diverse communities requires knowing about your participants, understanding and adapting.  When it comes to a diversity of communities with different interests to one another, a whole other layer of sensitivity is invoked…” Read More

Concerning Findings in the Market Research Industry

By Melanie Courtright, Research Now

“Participant experience should be viewed as the heart of market research. Yet, in the Q1-Q2 2017 and Q3-Q4 2016 editions of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report, results show otherwise…” Read More

What Oceans Can Teach Us About Protecting Research Respondents

By Jackie Lorch, SSI

“Several researchers have compared our treatment of respondents to the “tragedy of the commons.” Taking this analogy a step further, a new article in The Economist magazine offers some close parallels between humans’ treatment of our oceans, and researchers’ treatment of our respondents…” Read More

AMA Gold Top 50 Report 2017 Released

On behalf of the Insights Association, Diane Bowers has completed the annual ranking of the U.S. top 50 companies, known as the AMA Gold Top 50 Report, which has been published in the June issue of “Marketing News. The Top 10 U.S. companies are Nielsen, QuintilesIMS, Kantar… Read More

C-Suite – MR Technology – INSIGHTS ASSOCIATION (CASRO) Webinar

Technology permeates the world of market research as well as our daily business operations. There’s a lot for the C-suite to keep tabs on. Get practical tips and best practice advice from Christian Super, Arborwood Partners and Andrew Jeavons, Mass Cognition…. Preview and buy