One of GRBN’s key objectives is to improve global research best practice.  In 2014, GRBN joined forces with ESOMAR, agreeing to produce joint guidance, ensuring that comprehensive and consistent global guidance is produced, aiding practitioners in understanding their obligations wherever they are in the world.

Online Sample Quality Guideline issued

The first joint guidance, the Online Sample Quality Guideline, was issued earlier this year,  and was warmly received by the research community. You can access that guideline here. In early June, GRBN and ESOMAR released its second joint document, the draft Guideline for Online Research.

Draft Guideline for Online Research under review

GRBN has been leading the guideline consultation with all 38 member associations that comprise the GRBN.   The deadline for comments ended on Friday 10th July,  and the Project Team, Co-Chaired by Peter Milla, Technical Consultant to CASRO and representing GRBN, and Reg Baker, Consultant to the ESOMAR professional Standards Committee, has begun reviewing the feedback to produce the post-consultation guidance document.

A must for online research practitioners

The new joint guidance will be extremely useful to practitioners conducting online research and explains how to apply some of the fundamental principles of market, social and opinion research in the context of current legal frameworks and regulatory environments around the world.  The objective is to support researchers, especially those in small and medium-sized research organisations, in addressing legal, ethical and practical considerations when conducting research online.  This guidance will complement the national guidance, which has been produced by a number of GRBN member associations, addressing specific domestic legal and ethical issues relating to online research.