Eliademy mission is to democratise education with technology. Eliademy is not a content provider, nor an educational provider; we are experts on simplifying technology.  We believe that for the next five years, democratisation will mean accessibility and the five years after that, affordability.

The fascinating road ahead is full of wonders, and this is just the beginning. The world has 7 billion people that need education in a wide range of fields. Starting from preschool, high school, university, workplace and even when we retire, we need to learn continuously.

Eliademy is 4 years old service, so let me give you an update on our progress.

The service is accessed, daily from 190 countries. It has been translated, partially or entirely, in 36 languages and supports 250.000 unique users. On a monthly basis, our servers send over 300.000 emails, mainly communication between students and teachers.

Around 28.000 teachers are using our service, and they have produced 43.000 courses. The amount doubles every single year; we expect that by 2020 we will be hosting 1.000.000 million courses.

Don’t get surprised by the numbers, this is the “click economy” and it works mainly with this pattern: Search -> Keyword -> Proposition -> Acceptance. If the funnel is well adjusted, then more people accept the proposition, and they buy or create a new course. According to Google, our half connected planet places 1.3 trillion search queries per year.

Let’s look into our 2017 roadmap and get an insight on what we will enhance or bring new at Eliademy.

Live teaching

Is our believe that e-learning will not replace conventional classroom learning shortly, but will heavily support it. People are social animals and need to interact in real time. Eliademy supports that with Live webinars that can be scheduled quickly. In 2017 we see also that Live webinars can be scheduled and sold directly from the catalogue, in essence, detach them from the current course body.


7 billion humans in need for learning are using the internet daily to search and find related courses. Each one of them is using different keywords to discover what is available and in many different languages. Having a course on Eliademy gives a unique advantage, and free benefit, on being in most of the cases on Google 1st page results. To continue this good trend, will require that all course providers have their courses optimized with the right search keywords.

Depth and Breath

I have three questions when I search to learn something. “What I want to learn?”, “How much time will need to dedicate?” and “How much I can invest?”. Those three questions influence a good course portfolio and create a good product, price mix for everybody.

Machine learning is a hot topic, and we will experiment with our first neural network implementation. I’m super excited about this but also very cautious. One element that will be for sure updated is the analytics dashboard, with more meaningful data and calls for actions.

To conclude, Eliademy believes that the internet should be used primarily for learning. Eliademy can be used for lead generation, pre-sales, after sales customer support or for generating a new stream of income. The funnel is not entirely optimized; it requires collaboration between the partners and sharing feedback and experiences.

We thank you for making us better and for taking this fascinating journey together. We promise to support you and help you learn but also learn from you.

Sotiris Makrygiannis
Founder, Eliademy



  1. I accept that e-learning will never replace traditional education in those places with a developed school system.

    But in those developing nations where some sectors of society are excluded – on factors such as race, sex or income – the availability of online classes and courses has immense life-changing potential.

    Different business model to Eliademy I know but I’ve seen for myself students in Brazil ‘supplementing’ their public education with web-based resources such as Khan Academy.

    It’s a learning revolution – you’re a part of it – and it’s a very good thing.