Japan Marketing Research Association informs us about four revisions to the Personal Information Protection Act in Japan:

  1. Clarification of the definition of personal information
    1. Personally identifiable data (such as fingerprint data, face recognition data, passport numbers, licence numbers, and mobile phone numbers) added as specific examples of personal information
    2. Newly establish “information requiring special consideration”
  2. Ensuring the usability of personal information, etc. under appropriate disciplinary rules
    1. “Anonymously processed information” is newly established and clearly separated from personal information, ensuring such information’s usefulness
  3. Strengthening the protection of personal information
    1. Mandatory verification and creation of records relating to third-party provision (ensuring traceability)
    2. Increased penalties
    3. Involvement in provision to third parties without consent of the concerned party (opt-out provision revised)
    4. Erasing of personal data added to “ensuring accuracy of data contents”
  4. Coping with the globalisation of handling of personal information
    1. Limits on the provision of personal data to third parties in other countries
    2. Establishment of provisions on the scope of application for handling personal information across national borders

What does this all mean for our industry? You can read the implications JMRA see for our industry here.