In 2016, China Marketing Research Association (CMRA) organized two oversea visits to the US and Japan, strengthening knowledge sharing and cross-border collaboration.


The Global Research Business Network (GRBN), Americas Research Industry Alliance (ARIA), and CASRO welcomed 16 market research leaders from the Chinese Marketing Research Association (CMRA) to New York to participate in CASRO’s Technology and Innovation event in June. The delegation was headed by CMRA President, Professor Shen Hao, Communication University of China; CMRA Secretary General, Weng RuiGuang; and CMRA Vice President, Andy Zhao, Managing Director of NE Asia Consumer Choices, GfK.  The CMRA also provided a workshop about the Chinese marketing research industry that focused on customer experience, big data, the mobile internet, and e-health.

While they were in New York, the Chinese delegation also had meetings and tours at Bloomberg World Headquarters, Microsoft Technology Center, Facebook and Sabey Data Center. Subsequently, they traveled to California for a meeting and presentation at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, outside of San Francisco.

The CASRO conference and discussions were very fruitful for us,” commented Andy Zhao, Managing Director, GfK NE Asia, a leader of the delegation. “The office visits were good opportunities for us to communicate directly with top American brands. It was a great experience for all members of the delegation. We look forward to welcoming CASRO members to China in the not-too-distant future!”

jmra & aprc HOST CMRA IN TOKYO

On 14-15 November 2016, APRC/JMRA hosted a joint annual conference in Tokyo. CMRA organized 24 industry leaders to participate, led by CMRA President Prof. Shen Hao and VP Andy Zhao. All of the four CMRA-nominated Excellent Paper speakers were selected to deliver keynotes to share the China’s domestic dynamics, insights and practices especially for technology and data-driven business. With support of JMRA, CMRA delegation also made company tours in Japan-based leading companies like Rakuten, LINE, Intage and Freeplus, and exchanged the philosophy and methodology in a digital era.

On 14 November, CMRA presented at the APRC annual summit meeting which gathered 12 associations to give a roundtable discussion on the current developments and issues in each country across Asia Pacific. CMRA leadership also made a constructive conversation with GRBN Andrew Cannon on the next step of global collaboration and training programs.

It was an informative and stimulating meeting, a wonderful experience for all CMRA delegates,” commented Andy Zhao. “Riding the wave of digital revolution, China plays a significant role in data-driven transformation and drives innovation. We welcomed collective intelligence from APRC and GRBN members. Welcome to China.