We can never have enough good reasons to engage our clients, right?

And how about having a reason, which isn’t asking them to spend money? Perfect!

The GRBN 100-day challenge offers a perfect way for you to connect with and engage your clients on something which will drive their business forward and show them you care. The GRBN 100-day challenge offers you the opportunity to bond with your client around a common goal make your relationship even stronger.

We’ve created 7 challenges related to these three themes.

So why not take look at the different challenges on offer and select one that you and your client have the most passion for. For example we have two challenges related to value to clients:



We are sure that working together on one or both of these value to client challenges will be a rewarding experience both for you and your client, but also some of the other challenges are definitely worth having a look at. For example, what if you did some pro-bono work together? Or worked together over the next 100-days to specifically ensure that participants in your research projects have the best possible user experience?

So what are you waiting for? Challenge your client today!

Sign up here and send the link to your client. Start a conversation, join the movement and cause change to happen?