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The Return on Investment from Insights – Driving growth – 10+1 tips

Two of the challenges are related to increasing the value to clients; on the one hand increasing that return on investment and on the other communicating more actively about the value of what we do. We see the measurement of this ROI from Insights as being integral to the communication of our value, and we are working to encourage...

Why we must change the Future-of-Insights

By Alex Hunt, Brainjuicer As we enter late-August and the dog-days of summer in a hot and humid NYC, it feels a lifetime ago that I had the good fortune to participate, alongside several industry thought-leaders, in a panel within the Future-of-Insights track at IIEX Atlanta. At the time of writing, it was in reality only around 75 days ago....

Why measuring Return on Research Investment is good for your health

By Simon Chadwick, Cambiar Whenever the subject has been raised in the last few years of measuring the return on anything related to marketing, advertising or research, hackles would very often be raised and loud proclamations be made of why such a thing is not only impossible but possibly downright undesirable. Measuring the return on research, the mantra went, involved too...

The Chief Customer Officer’s Greatest Challenge: Measures of Value

By Curtis N. Bingham, CEO, Chief Customer Officer Council Companies are adopting the chief customer officer (CCO) role at a faster pace, and keeping them in their roles longer, especially in larger companies. The greatest obstacles to the success of the CCO and by extension the proliferation of customer centricity and experience initiatives is the inability to demonstrate quantitative ROI...

Making Data Smarter: Bigger Can Take Care of Itself!

By Denyse Drummond-Dunn, C3Centricity. In 2007 the MREB ran a study to understand why some MR departments were rated better than others. They concluded that the two major areas in which MR provides value to business are the new learnings from conducting projects and the accumulation of knowledge over time. They also identified three stages in the development of MR...

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