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Return on Investment

Learn more about the GRBN Return on Investment from Insights initiative. Contact us if you want to get involved

ROI from Insights – The key to a virtuous growth spiral

The trend towards customer-centricity is creating fantastic opportunities for the research and insights sector, but to take advantage of these opportunities, we need to step up our game. One way we can do that,...

Growing budgets by measuring the ROI from Insights

Phase 2 of the ROI from Insights initiative will build on the understanding gained during phase 1, which is being led by the Boston Consulting Group. Our mission in phase 2 is to encourage as...

ROI from Insights – 1st Associate Partners On-board – Qualitative Research Gets Under Way

AMSRS, GreenBook, Insights Association, MRIA, MRS and SAMRA are the first associate partners on the joint BCG-GRBN ROI from Insights initiative. Increasing Understanding The objectives of the first part of the initiative are to: Explain the...

The Return on Investment from Insights Part 2 – How to grow your budget

This post was first published on the GreenBook blog, and is being republished now following on from the launch of the ROI from Insights initiative. A ROI audit is the foundation of a strong client-agency...

The United Airlines Affair – A Silver Lining For Insights and our ROI? ...

Every cloud has a silver lining, and the recent events at United Airlines might just have a big one for the Insights sector. A story on the BBC over weekend led with the headline...