Following on from the endorsement of the Charter by the four regional federations, the national associations AMSRS, Insights Association, MRS and RANZ are the first ones to endorse the charter, demonstrating their strong commitment to building trust in our industry across the globe.

Over the coming months, we will be helping the national associations engage their members on this issue: In particular, why it is important and what work needs to done in order to build a stronger trust relationship with the general public.

Whilst industry and professional bodies certainly have an important role to play in building trust, at the end of day, we will be judged by, and our success measured by, our actions “in the field” and not our words.

It is therefore vital that we get everyone with “skin in the game”, including clients, agencies, data collectors and technology providers, on-board and working together to build trust through their actions.

Better Participant Engagement

The user experience is the foundation upon trust needs to be built, as it is a clear demonstration of the respect we have for the people who willingly share their opinions or give access to their data.

Therefore, we have started the Building Public Trust Programme with a clear focus on the user experience through the recently launched Participant Engagement Initiative. We have a great group of companies already on-board and welcome you to join them.

Greater Transparency

The next stage in the Programme is to work together with the regional associations and national associations to drive towards greater transparency, in particular with respect to the use of personal data, where we intend to build upon the great work which is already being done in this area, for example by the MRS with their Fair Data initiative.

Demonstrating our value to society

Once we have made progress with both participant engagement and transparency, we will move on to focus on the final leg of the Building Public Trust Programme… the communicating of the value of what we do to society. We believe this is critical to the long-term success of our sector. We believe that if we can successfully communicate that our industry does add tremendous value to people, both as citizens and consumers, then we will be able to successfully distinguish ourselves from other types of organisations, which are asking people to share their opinions and their data. If we do so, we will be better equipped to earn our right to ask people to engage with us, as that is a right we will all have to work harder and harder to earn.

Once people say “yes” to participating, we had better give them an excellent experience if we want them to say “yes” a second time, and to help ensure that we are focusing on improving the user experience first.

Please contact us to find out more and get involved.