GRBN is proud to have APODEMO as a Learning Center partner, which will enable APODEMO to offer its members easy access to and significant discounts on online training courses and webinars.

Below António Salvador, Chairman of the Board of APODEMO, explains how learning and professional development has always been a core part of APODEMO’s services:

“Since its beginning APODEMO has both organized MARKET RESEARCH courses, Congresses and Seminars and created an important link with the academic world through a set of partnerships with several Universities and similar institutions. In 2004 the Association created a Career Prize to distinguish professionals with a relevant role in the sector.

APODEMO is the Portuguese Association of Market Research and Opinion Research Institutes. It was created in 1993 with the following main objectives: a) to promote public confidence in market and opinion surveys and to reinforce trust among their users, as well as b) to establish high professional and ethical standards for the activity: on one side through its own Code of Conduct, on the other through the recommendation of the use of the ICC/ESOMAR Code, recently revised.

It comprises the most relevant companies in the market, responsible for over 70% of the sector total revenue.”






António Salvador

Chairman of the Board