MR Technology – The Basics
Webcast on May 17, 2016

Technology permeates the world of market research as well as our daily business operations. There’s a lot to keep tabs on and it’s particularly daunting when we’re not schooled in technology or don’t have time to keep up with the constant advancements.This webinar will provide tips and best practices in a variety of key areas – from a strategic standpoint, to a framework to evaluate technology, to the key technologies that can benefit your organization.

Your Tech Strategy – What to develop and what to avoid; when to outsource; how changes in the MR industry impact how to use technology.

Evaluating Technology – What to look for as you assess any technology solution.  Four key steps in the path, how to get the most from vendor demonstrations.

Your Tech Tools – What new tools have the potential to impact your organization? We’ll look at collaboration platforms/project management, analysis (including text analytics), report automation, insight curation and more.

Christian Super

Arborwood Partners


Andrew Jeavons


Mass Cognition