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Explore the options and click on a card when you are ready to take the challenge!


Impact / ROI

We need to prove our worth and sell our business case. In particular, we need to demonstrate the return on investment from what we do. Our Impact.

Challenge no.1: Impact / ROI

Prove your worth and sell your business case. Demonstrate the impact you have and the return on investment from what you do.


Value to clients

We need to blow our own trumpet. We need to shout louder and more clearly about the ROI and other benefits to clients.

Challenge no.2: Value to Clients

Blow your own trumpet. Tell your clients about the value you add and the return on investment you deliver.


Leadership and management

We need to make changes to our leadership culture, our people management, our business models, our processes, our tools.

Challenge no.3: Leadership and Management

Make changes to how you lead and manage your people. Change the way you work and the tools you use.


We need to change as individuals, to embrace continuous learning and develop our expertise.

Challenge no.4: Expertise

Learn a new skill. Take a training course.

Data privacy

We need to be more transparent: We need to build a trust relationship with research participants.

Challenge no.5: Data Privacy

Be more transparent: Make it clear what you are doing to protect and appropriately use the data people give you.


Value to society

We need to shout out about the value of what we do to research participants, to the general public; what's the benefit to them and their families, as consumers, as citizens, as people.

Challenge no.6: Value to society

Tell not only participants, but also remind your family, friends and acquaintances about the value of what you do.


Participant experience

We need to give participants in research a great user experience; every time. Simple as that.

Challenge no.7: Participant experience

Give your participants a great user experience. Challenge your clients to do the same.

Choose your own

We have many other actions we can take with growth in mind.

Challenge no.8: Something else

Make up your own challenge, whatever you want, to help our sector grow.